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Reputable developer
CJSC "MR Group": more than 10 years of experience in the market, 20 commissioned objects, portfolio - 5 million sq.
M. Ekaterina Evdokimova: 15 years advising foreign investors in Russia, 10 years head of Russia Desk in Munich in one of the leading European law firms.
Member of the FEMOZA Advisory Board
lawyer (FRG), lawyer (RF), LL.M. (USA)
Reasons to invest
in Stupino Quadrat
Favorable geography
Proximity to Moscow: huge human and scientific resources of the region, access to the main sales markets and transport arteries of the country.
Special economic zone
Tax, customs benefits. "One window" mode: a set of public services in one place.
Unique range of services
Professional Management Company with the widest range of services for residents on the Russian market.
Best investment climate
Fast implementation of the project thanks to the support of authorities at all levels and many years of experience in working with foreign investors.
Engineering support
Technical conditions for production facilities and ready-made points of connection to the networks of electricity, gas and water supply at the boundaries of the sites.
Flexible solutions, low risks
A full range of services for development projects from scratch: from buying land to financial solutions and turnkey construction.
Our residents
Arvalus LLC
A subsidiary of the most famous Austrian manufacturer of ingredients for bakery products - backaldrin. Arvalus produces hundreds of types of dry baking mixes. Company website
Mission Foods Stupino LLC
The company is part of the international Mexican company GRUMA, the world's largest producer of corn flour, wheat tortillas and corn chips, presented under the brands Delicados and Mission! Company website
LLC "Mustang"
One of the most modern complexes for the production of concentrates and premixes in Russia. The plant produces a full line of products for dairy farming, pig farming and poultry farming. Company website
LLC NPO Krasko
Russian manufacturer of high-quality paint and varnish materials. The production works on the most modern equipment using the best imported and domestic raw materials. Company website
The company is part of the large international holding Uflex Group (in India - Uflex Ltd.), which produces and sells flexible vacuum packaging in more than 140 countries around the world. Company website
The latest Russian enterprise for the regeneration and reactivation of catalysts for hydrogenation processes of oil refining, as well as the implementation of a range of services in the field of catalyst systems for hydrogenation processes. Company website
LLC "DiTex"
The first Russian ultramodern production with a full cycle of industrial equipment for digital printing on natural fabrics and knitwear. They work with leading clothing manufacturers in Russia and the CIS countries. Company website
Phoenix LLC
Advanced Russian production of stainless steel chimneys intended for domestic and industrial use. The quality of chimneys is not inferior to the leading European manufacturers. Company website
Intelbio LLC
Research and production, a young, dynamically developing Russian pharmaceutical company. In just 5 years of operation, IntelBio has produced a number of original drugs that have no analogues on the Russian market.Company website
Phoenix Contact LLC
German manufacturer of components in the field of electrical engineering and automation. Company website
A subsidiary of the world-famous premium French brand of syrups, fruit purees and toppings MONIN. The company is building its first plant in Russia in the Stupino Quadrat SEZ. Company website
Barilla Rus Production
It is part of the Italian company Barilla Group, the world leader in the production and sale of pasta, the European leader in the production of baked goods.
Company website
GMP Group
PET packaging for the food industry
Whole Grain Fitness Bread Production
Greenfoods Project
A project for the industrial cultivation of salads and herbs in vertical hydroponic systems GREENROOM.
Iris Ceramics
Subsidiary of the Italian group Iris, one of the largest producers of porcelain stoneware in Italy.
LLC "Delogro"
The company is the Russian representative of the Anglo-Uzbek joint venture "ÉCLAIR COSMETIC" - an active participant in the market of products for beauty and health.Company website
Information about the project
Income tax
Within the boundaries of the SEZ, each resident has the opportunity to arrange a customs control zone on the territory of his plant.
Foreign goods, including equipment, raw materials, building materials, are placed and used without paying customs import duties and VAT.
First 8 years
Next 6 years
Until 2064
All RF
Property tax
Up to 2.2%
All RF
10 years from the date of property registration
Land tax
Up to 1.5%
All RF
Transport tax
Up to 15%
All RF
5 years from the date of vehicle registration
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